CoinMarketCap Chainlink (Ethereum Mainnet)

This Chainlink supports the latest market quotes endpoint for any coin and market supported by CoinMarketCap. The CoinMarketCap Professional API is a suite of high-performance RESTful JSON endpoints that are specifically designed to meet the mission-critical demands of application developers, data scientists, and enterprise business platforms.

Steps for using this oracle

Write and deploy your Chainlinked contract using the network details below
Call your request method

Chainlink Network Details

You will need to use the following oracle address, and Job ID in order to create the Chainlink request.


Oracle address: 0x89f70fA9F439dbd0A1BC22a09BEFc56adA04d9b4
Job ID: f1805afed6a0482bb43702692ff9e061
Price: 0.1 LINK

Use the Detailed Documentation for this Chainlink

See the CoinMarketCap Chainlink (Testnet) for documentation on how to use this Chainlink. It is strongly suggested that you develop your smart contracts in a testing environment first, before deploying to main net.

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